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Bimmin 2 - Action Game

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flash game Bimmin 2: It's been a year since our young hero managed to outrun the mighty dinosaur and earn his place at the top of the food chain, but can he now outrun the greatest force this world has ever known? The team at Hard-Circle Inc. is pleased to present Bimmin 2, sequel to the successful and highly-entertaining Bimmin. In Bimmin 2, players reprise their role as Bimmin, the caveboy who's always on the move, and this time is no different. Armed with a sleeker look and new moves, Bimmin strides and slides his way through the world, collecting fruits and meats along the way … and for those times where a little more muscle is needed, Bimmin can call on his new partner Roc to bash and smash his way through any obstacle. But will they be enough to survive the very being who managed to run the dinosaur off the Earth … can they outrun Mother Nature herself?
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