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Anodyne Demo - Game

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flash game Anodyne Demo: This is the DEMO for a full-length (6-10 hours) adventure game, Anodyne. Buy Anodyne for $8 at Desura, or GamersGate, learn more at Vote for Anodyne at Steam Greenlight: Buy the soundtrack for $4 : Anodyne is an adventure game that focuses on immersing the player through a combination of 16-bit era visual and audio aesthetics, Zelda-esque action/adventure gameplay mechanics, and exploration of the human Young’s dream world. The player moves between rooms 160×160 pixels in size, an intended constraint that we used to create the monster-filled dungeons you will navigate and the set of nature-based (and sometimes stranger) places you will explore. Anodyne is created by Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka. You can follow us on Twitter at and , or follow the game’s updates at .
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